3 mistakes to avoid when choosing assisted living

Assisted living facilities ensure that elderly members receive the best care and help with daily tasks. Many factors, like the costs involved, the kind of food served, and the behavior of the assisted living facility staff, need to be considered when one decides to move a loved one. This decision can be emotionally taxing and challenging for personal reasons, which is why one may make certain mistakes during the process.

Making a hasty decision
In many cases, older individuals may require assisted living services urgently. However, it is important to take the time to make an informed decision and not rush into enrolling them into a facility. Prior research is needed before finalizing the decision. This research involves visiting at least three to four different facilities and assessing how their staff performs their job. It may not be immediately apparent on the first visit. Still, one can observe factors such as cleanliness, suitability to the needs of loved ones, and personalization of the facility and its services for individuals.

Focusing entirely on aesthetics
This is a common mistake when one judges a place based on its interior design and decor alone and do not delve deeper into its services and overall quality. Knowing more about the quality of an assisted living facility can be done by reading online reviews, talking to friends and work colleagues whose parents or relatives may have stayed previously, and other sources. From these communication points, one will know about the quality of assisted living services offered in a given facility.

Failing to visit the facility before enrolling a loved one
While doing all the research online may be convenient, it is never enough to gauge the quality of an assisted living facility. One must take the effort to visit the facilities to see how things operate. Also, if possible, one can ask for a tour of the facility to learn more about its functioning, staff, and the experience of its residents.


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