4 human foods that are harmful to dogs

While human foods like fish and milk are safe for dogs, certain other options can harm their health and cause allergic reactions. Unfortunately, many pet parents don’t know this and continue to feed their four-legged friends from their own plate. Keeping this in mind, we’ve put together a list of human foods that are harmful to dogs, including the Chihuahua breed, and some pet food brands like Royal Canin® and Purina® that provide healthy alternatives.

Chocolates are toxic for all dogs, but Chihuahuas and other small breeds can have a more intense reaction. Chocolates have a compound called theobromine, which dogs can’t handle. While some dogs may vomit and suffer from diarrhea, others may experience seizures, tremors, or irregular heartbeat.

Xylitol (artificial sweetener)
Xylitol is an artificial sweetener found in non-sugary gums, cakes, mints, and candy. Ingestion of this substance may interfere with a dog’s blood sugar levels. The smaller the dog, the more the impact. Other foods that have xylitol include peanut butter, jellies, jams, and fruit drinks, to name a few.

Grapes and raisins
These tiny foods that are super delicious for us humans can cause severe reactions among dogs when ingested in large quantities. And since pups never stop searching for food, you must be careful not to drop grapes or raisins around the kitchen area.

Macadamia nuts and walnuts
While nuts may be a top snacking option for us, they can be toxic to all dog breeds. Ingestion can instantly cause diarrhea, vomiting, tremors, lethargy, and hyperthermia. Macadamia nuts particularly can lead to inflammation in the pancreas.

While the above human foods are bad for dogs, you can try the following brands that provide nutritious meals for pets:

Royal Canin®
This is among the famous brands selling dog foods that contain essential proteins, prebiotics, fibers, and omega-3 fatty acids necessary for your dog’s health. Royal Canin® also has treats specially made for Chihuahuas.

This is another trusted dog food brand that specializes in making both wet and dry foods for puppies, adults, and older dogs. 

Hill’s Science Diet
Hill’s Science Diet is one of the preferred choices among vets and pet parents. They have products specially designed to help with conditions in pets, like weak bones, sensitive stomachs, and skin diseases.


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