6 machines every fabrication shop needs

Fabrication shops lose a lot of revenue when they outsource common jobs to other businesses. It also adds to the pressure of micromanaging the project and sharing profits. That is why shop owners must invest in the machines necessary to complete fabrication jobs on their own. Since there is no one-size-fits-all machine, one must carefully consider their choices after conducting thorough research. Here are six useful machines every fabrication shop requires.

Hydraulic press brakes
These machines are great for bending metal with immense accuracy and versatility. They help bend and shape stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and other metals. Buyers can choose from different axes, lengths, and tonnages to suit their needs.

Shears are handy in a fabrication shop. They are used to cut metal into more manageable pieces. Shears generally require no training to set up or use. Depending on the shop’s function, owners can choose between three common shear types: mechanical shears, swing beam shears, and guillotine shears.

These versatile machines allow owners to carry out critical operations, such as punching, notching, and shearing. Ironworkers help save on labor, time, energy, and costs. Generally, a well-equipped heavy-duty ironworker is integrated with stations like punch work tables, adjustable punch strippers, die holders, support tables, adjustable hold-downs, and shear blades.

Plate rolls
These devices transform flat metal sheets into cylindrical or radial parts, making them a must-have in every fabrication shop. They come in various roll diameters and lengths, so owners must consider their shop’s unique needs.

Profile rolls
Profile rolls or angle rolls help bend metal tubes, pipes, channels, and beams. Due to their sturdy build, these machines are generally a one-time, life-long purchase.

Horizontal band saws
Horizontal band saws are cost-effective tools for cutting material packs to length. Owners can choose from various types of bandsaws, such as miter band saws, semi-automatic band saws, and fully automatic band saws with features like programmable cutting angles and automatic feeding.


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